All Londoners agree: We are here to remember the soldiers on Nov11

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Protest important stuff

Post  iceman55 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:30 pm

You wanna protest something why not protest the hydro costs that keep skyrocketing, or hows about HST being added to everything in ontario. These are things to protest that will get you the suport of everyone. Wake up and make smarter choices in your protests.


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Post  Showcase on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:46 pm

The Police are not acting - but London is over 300,000 strong - many of whom support the comments by Shadow - time to go. Occupy London is indeed a disgrace!


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Post  Shadow on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:43 pm

As a citizen of London I am disgusted with Occupy London. You have disobeyed laws of this country and are living like heathens in a park named after veterans who will be remenmbered on Remebrance Day regardless as to whether we have tio trample over your sorry site to do so.
Renaming the park - also a disgrace.
Everyone agrees to stand up against corporate greed but you are just protesting for the sake of protesting - get a life and let Londoners get on with theirs. The patk should be beautiful and void of the littering of tents and living areas together with banners and trouble makers. Remembrance Day, the lighting of the park - Christmas - you are spoiling it for everyone. People do not agree with this - the tide will shift against you.
You should just leave and go home to your families or shelters - wherever you belong - not in OUR park!


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All Londoners agree: We are here to remember the soldiers on Nov11

Post  Michael_Donnely on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:36 am

Remember Peace, Remember Canada's War Experience, 11.11.'11 at 11am


Canadian consciousness was born of the common experience of events that grab our fate like torrents.

Wars of empires are the impersonal side of this experience. But our brothers and sons returning home dead or alive are its personal side....

No matter you are are pacifist or not, there is always one thing you agree on: what the soldiers have seen with their human eyes, in the trenches and on the fields, are part of this society's conscience; what the soldiers pave with their lives, a path of trials that hopefully this nation will tread no more.

All to Canada, and none to the empires. Render unto empires what belongs to empires, and unto Canada what belongs to Canada. From the descent of garrisons hopefully peacekeepers will be born.

No matter these chapters of turmoils inspire peace or further pride, there is something that this city will remember: These souls do not lie here as dead soldiers. They are here as our forefathers, brothers and sons, and sisters and daughters.

Let's never forget that the outcome of wars, is not their exploits. Not for Canada anyways. It is the loss of lives close to home, and loss of lives of all nations affected.

Remembrance Day this year (11.11.11), Victoria Park: in early morning, you will discover that all the memorials are laden with wreaths (green, with three pairs of red poppies symbolizing 11.11.11)

This is respect paid to our fellow citizens, who now rest in peace, from the youth of London, as well as from the collective voice of democracy and justice. No matter which angle we reflect on our history, we all pay respect. It is only human to do so. And it transcends politics and all the other factors that divide our society.


Friday Nov 11, 11am (again 11pm), 2011




Nov 11, 11am, 2011, wreaths should already be at the several soldiers' memorials at vic park.

However, the wreaths should preferrably be laid in the evening of Nov10, 2011 because some of us may be busy preparing for the screening of a remembrance day related film.

Besides, having wreaths at the memorials mentioning time and place of the Nov11 film screening, is part of the idea.

So preferrably, we lay the wreaths in Nov10 afternoon, but not as an official ceremony.

However, Nov11, 11am, people are encouraged to add little items to the wreaths such as figurines, incense, prayer flags, pebbles, notes, cardboard signs of peace etc.

I really hope to have distinctive music played. Scottish pipes seem to be a nice idea. But the Legion might be needed.

Among the people that we can gather though, there are many musicians who can play some solemn music starting 11am, for a youtube clip. I'd say, it'll take about 30 mins to 1 hr for this filming to go around the several sites of soldiers' memorials throughout the park.

Maybe, different musical pieces to feature in the same youtube clip.

A youtube interview on both pacifists and patriots on how they view peace, and how they view respect for the same Canadian experience/heritage of our fellow citizens living through war, should be central to any ceremony that is to take place officially at 11am Nov11.

Love and remembrance is the theme.



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Re: All Londoners agree: We are here to remember the soldiers on Nov11

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